Resizing Your Rings: Most rings can be cut

People resize rings for many different reasons. For some it is weight loss or weight gain, and for others it is easy to be able to wear the ring finger to another. Changing the size is very common and can happen at most rings, but there are some exceptions. To better understand the project and can not be done, you have to understand the process.

A smaller ring

Reduce the size of the group on a ring is fairly easy if done by a made for the small ring, the jeweler has to cut a small part of the band. The ring thus in need of reform, the smooth round shape and can be welded together. The jeweler has a weld, which is almost invisible, and must be polished, and therefore has no information regarding the calibration is visibly smoothed.

This method can easily strip or used for rings with a smooth shaft. Decorative rings, or a design that helpsaround the whole band will be rebuilt during the sizing. Sometimes an area is decorated rings that change size was on the left. This area is usually smaller than used for the production of 'larger ring instead.

Some rings are jewels of the entire volume or the channel style less halfway around the band, and may ask to remove the sizing of gems in jewelry. And this depends on the models. For rings made smaller, diamonds or precious stones can be moved into the ring to adjust the balance.

To increase the ring

Increasing the size of a ring can be done in two ways. When a ring made to be only slightly larger, sometimes size can extend the ring to a jeweler you want. The ring will be higher and cut another piece of 'tree, or group, or welded, if the increase size is half the size. When a jeweler, the size of an elaborate fantasy> Ring or jewelry with a wide bandwidth, the classification can be a problem. The jeweler will discuss the options with which you can also change the setting.

not to re-size rings

You should not groped to resize a ring of stones channel has taken more than halfway around the band. If the ring has an elaborate setting, or certain kinds of precious stones, stones must be removed and reset before the size can ring. If the ringan old or a white gold ring more, there may be some discoloration around the repair area. It is not always possible for the jeweler to know the cause of discoloration. Most jewelers will make every effort to minimize discoloration or playing on the lines. Usually it is only with the use of a magnifying glass. And 'imperative that you discuss options with your jeweler.

Rings with Celtic design around the band can be madeslightly larger or smaller without distorting the model. Increase or decrease a significant amount are usually not successful without distorting the model.

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